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Lucamaria is located at the heart of Salento region.. wonderful land.
Salento is a strip of land rich in history and traditions, in architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes, with a unique hospitality and its magical atmosphere.
The property is located at the heart of an ideal tourist route where you can easily reach the various places of Salento, just as distant from each 'other between the Adriatic and Ionian coast.
A few minutes from our B&B is LECCE and its beautiful old buildings full of ancient churches.
What is certainly best admired by the tourist, foreign or otherwise, is without doubt the baroque style handed down from Byzantine invasions. The "Palazzo dei Celestini" and the Basilica of Santa Croce are unmissable for the most passionate visitors.
Continuing east on the Adriatic side is worth a visit Castro Marina, a small town, crowded in the summer thanks to the natural setting in which it is located. Recommended is a visit to the Aragonese Castle built in the late 13th century.
Millions of tourists from all over the world love to blend the spectacular sight of this corner of paradise to picturesque medieval tales by the castle inspired.
As the tour goes on we can come to one of the most popular destinations: Otranto, called Porta D'Oriente for its position to 'extreme eastern edge of Italy. The city faces the sea, with its dramatic cliffs, flanked by nearby beautiful sandy beaches. Walking through the center can not miss a visit to the Cathedral of the Martyrs of Otranto where it still houses the bones of martyrs. But the pride of the city is the castle with its walls which holds entirely the Old Town.
Among the ramparts and the cathedral is a maze of narrow streets, paved with ancient stones: the magic of Otranto is found between flowering balconies and colorful, narrow streets and small squares
Corso Garibaldi is ideal for those who want to meet a sudden desire to shopping and at the same time not lose the feeling of walking on an historic path .

It is recommended that you spend a day in the seductive Santa Maria di Leuca. With Punta Meliso marks the end of the Ionian Sea and the beginning of the Adriatic. Its nature is already in the calendar name from the greek Leukos, just "sun. " Also known as the Porta del Paradiso. From east to west, the caves are scattered along the coast: cliffs and jagged rocks alternate with low and wide stretches of fine sand. In all, there are thirty caves in the area, each of which was marked with a name derived from the imagination of the locals.
On the Ionic coast, after taking the west exit, carry on for a few miles to Porto Cesareo , beautiful view that smacks of old flavors. Undisputed its scenic beauty, in the basin you can see some small islands, one called 'The Rock' connected to the mainland by a bridge of wood and one of the most famous is by no means the 'Island of Rabbits'. Another strength point is the Marine Museum with thousands of marine species and rare shells .
Those who will choose to discover the beautiful Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio, will not be disappointed . chosen for its beauty , to be preserved as marine reserve. Here the high and rocky reef is surrounded by a crystal sea . Not far you can see Tower Uluzzo.
In our imaginary tour is almost obligatory to include the city emblem of Salento summer : Gallipoli, the pearl of the Ionian Sea.
Gallipoli is a wonderful center where the ancient and the modern are fused into one beautiful setting. The old town with its ancient buildings and churches among which can hardly escape the tourists most sought church “ Santa Cristina “, the patron saint of the city, where celebrations of the July 24 echo throughout the Salento.
The new city is a favorite for those who love shopping and enjoy the style of "Made in Italy".
One of the most typical and popular traditions of Salento is certainly the Pizzica ( pinch). The "Pizzica "is music style directly linked to the ancient ritual of treating the imagery bite of the tarantula , a dangerous poisonous spider . According to tradition, to cure the victim, usually a woman, the tambourines sounded incessantly whirling to the beat until the spell was broken. The sound of drums was accompanied by a ball obsessive and repetitive, which helped to drain the poison .
La Notte della Taranta is the largest music festival dedicated to the restoration of pizzica Salento, which each year plans some traveling in the Towns of Greek Salento (Calimera, Carpignano Salentino, Castrignano dei Greci, Corigliano d'Otranto, Cutrofiano, Martha, Martignano Melpignano, Sternatia, Soleto, Zollino) and in addition Cursi, Galatina and Alessano . The event features performances by the most important groups of the traditional landscape of Salento and famous artists world international scene.
Closing the Festival is also the big concertt that takes place in the final Melpignano "night" which gives its name to the event.