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Lucamaria is just 5 minutes from Lecce, 12 km from the Adriatic coast, 25 km from the Ionian coast and very close to all main attractions. It s immersed in the countryside of Salento.

Thanks to his peaceful location all visitors are delightfully absorbed by relaxation during the hot summer days of Salento.

Absolutely unmissable the swimming pool wisely located among the nature and giving then the opportunity to get a relaxing rest and a memorable time.

The staff priority aim has always been to please their guests in any situation. Making sure that all the guest needs are met without , though, forgetting the respect for simplicity and genuineness . Salento heart is particularly characterized by this important principle.

The property front side has a wide porch with gazebos which is ideal for a breakfast in the sunlight that gently blends with early morning fresh air.

Big parking area for all the guests along with the delicious garden and a lawn connected to a land with secular olive trees where it s allowed to stroll around.